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The Future Of Real Estate Analytics

Are you leveraging every insight and every trend to guide your investment decisions?

What if you could access a treasure trove of real estate data analytics with just a few clicks?

Insight Finder is a cutting-edge real estate analytics platform offering unprecedented access to a vast database across residential, commercial, industrial, vacant land, and agricultural sectors.

With our real estate investment analysis software, leverage real-time market trends, granular local insights, and sophisticated predictive analytics to make informed investment decisions. Begin with free access to State, County, and Zipcode insights, perfect for real estate data analysis.

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Data Coverage

Over 164 Million Properties

Explore comprehensive data across all asset classes, with basic access to State, County, and Zipcode insights available at no cost, a must for real estate market data analysis:

Residential Properties
Commercial Properties
Industrial Properties
Agriculture Properties
Vacant Land
Public Works
Other Properties

Total: 164,679,861 properties across the U.S., showcasing our property data analytics strength.

Key Features

Discover What Sets Us Apart

Comprehensive Insight Filters

Filter data by property type, owner information, or market trends with our real estate data analytics software. Whether you're looking at residential, commercial, or vacant land, get the information you need quickly and efficiently.

Comprehensive Insight Filters
Detailed Counts & Analytics

Detailed Counts & Analytics

Access detailed counts of population, properties, real estate sales analytics, MLS listings (both sold and for sale), and buyer demographics with our real estate data analytics software. This feature provides a comprehensive real estate market analysis, offering insights into market dynamics.

Sales Trends & Analytics

Detailed Counts & Analytics

Access detailed counts of population, properties, real estate sales analytics, MLS listings (both sold and for sale), and buyer demographics with our real estate data analytics software. This feature provides a comprehensive real estate market analysis, offering insights into market dynamics.

Recorded vs MLS Data Variance
Recorded vs. MLS Data Variances

Identify discrepancies between recorded sales data and MLS listings to uncover unique market insights with our comparative market analysis software. This comparison can highlight potential investment opportunities or trends not immediately apparent, essential for real estate investment analysis.

Property & Land Sales Range

Property and Land Sales Range

Explore sales data segmented into low, median, and high ranges for property and land sales. This segmentation aids investors in understanding real estate valuations and pricing trends, a key component of property investment analysis software.

Property Automated Valuation Model

Property Automated Valuation Model (AVM)

Utilize our AVM for an instant estimate of a property's market value, integrating real estate predictive analytics based on statistical modeling. This tool is crucial for assessing potential investments quickly, a standout feature of real estate analytics platforms.

Land as a Percentage Model

Land as a Percentage Model

Evaluate land value as a percentage of total property value, providing unique insights into land valuation. This analysis is pivotal for understanding overall property worth and strategic investment, utilizing property data analytics.

Buyer Types: Retail vs. Wholesale

Buyer Types: Retail vs. Wholesale

Distinguish between retail and wholesale buyer trends to tailor your investment or marketing strategies accordingly with our real estate business analytics. Understanding buyer types can significantly influence decision-making, offering a strategic edge in real estate investment analysis.

Property Map with Data Visualization

Leverage geospatial data visualization to see property data overlaid on detailed maps. This feature allows for an easy understanding of location-based trends and the spatial distribution of properties, essential in real estate and data analytics.

Property Map with Data Visualization
Lot Price Analysis per Acre

Lot Price Analysis per Acre

Examine and compare the cost of land on a per-acre basis with our real estate analytics tools. This granular analysis aids in evaluating the intrinsic value of land, facilitating strategic decision-making in purchasing or investing in parcels of varying sizes.

Property & Improvement Value per Square Foot

Property & Improvement Value per Square Foot

Obtain detailed insights into the valuation of properties and their improvements, calculated on a per-square-foot basis, with our real estate data analytics software. This critical measure allows for effective comparison of property values, offering a standardized metric to gauge investment opportunities across diverse regions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Find direct answers about our data sources, the accuracy of our analytics, and how to maximize our subscription options. Our subscription options include free access to State, County, and Zipcode insights, critical for any real estate data analyst.

What is Insight Finder?

Insight Finder is a leading-edge real estate analytics platform, offering access to over 164+ million U.S. property records across all asset classes. Equipped with real estate investment analysis software and real estate market analysis software, our platform is designed for deep market analysis and investment decision support, featuring real estate predictive analytics and comparative market analysis software.

How up-to-date is the property data on Insight Finder?

Our property data is consistently refreshed, ensuring users have access to the most current market information, a key aspect of real estate big data. This includes updates from MLS listings, recorded sales data, and other credible sources, crucial for real estate market analytics.

Can I access Insight Finder for free?

Yes, Insight Finder provides basic access for free, including insights at state, county, and zipcode levels, making it a valuable real estate data analytics project tool. Premium features, such as census tract and block-level data, are available through subscription, offering property investment analysis software capabilities.

What makes Insight Finder different from other real estate data platforms?

Insight Finder sets itself apart by offering an extensive range of data, including property data analytics and real estate business analytics, with comprehensive insight filters, detailed analytics, sales trends analysis, and advanced predictive models. Our platform delivers granular insights to cater to diverse user needs, from real estate analytics companies to individual analysts.

How can I use Insight Finder to find investment opportunities?

Leverage the Opportunity Scanner to identify potential investments based on specific criteria. Pair this with our sales trends analysis, AVM, and data visualization tools for comprehensive real estate investment data analysis, assessing the viability and potential returns of your investments.

Is Insight Finder suitable for first-time real estate investors?

Absolutely. Designed to be intuitive, Insight Finder welcomes users of all levels of real estate experience. Our platform, a cornerstone for real estate and data analytics, provides the necessary tools and data for informed decision-making, supported by tutorials and customer support.

How does the Property Automated Valuation Model (AVM) work?

Our AVM employs real estate big data analysis, using statistical modeling and real-time market data to estimate property market value. It considers factors such as location and property size, which is instrumental in predictive analytics in real estate marketing.

What type of support does Insight Finder offer?

We provide comprehensive support via our help center, email, and live chat, essential for navigating real estate data and analytics. This ensures you have the assistance needed at any stage of using our platform.

Can I export data from Insight Finder for my own analysis?

Premium subscribers can export data for personal analysis, with restrictions to ensure data protection and privacy. This feature is vital for real estate brokerage analytics and property management data analytics.

How secure is my data with Insight Finder?

Data security is paramount at Insight Finder. We implement advanced security measures to protect your information and ensure the integrity and confidentiality of real estate data analytics.

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